WINNER - Script 6 Festival 2014, The Space
SELECTED - HighTide Bootcamp (March 2015)

"What's the worst thing I've ever done..." 

Bright Nights is about the past. And the future. And the present. It's about two strangers that share a deeper link than they could possibly know. It's about fate and responsibility and nature versus nurture and inescapable guilt and unexplainable love. And urban foxes.

Full Length and available for production







SPECIAL COMMENDATION - Soho Young Writers Award (2012) 
SELECTED - Criterion New Writing Showcases (November 2016) / Sunday Play Readings (April 2013)

Julie's landlord Joseph is also her boyfriend. They live together in their flat in London. She is 21 and he is in his fifties. But when Julie's mother comes to stay they must keep the romantic nature of their relationship a secret. As wine is poured and stories are shared, they discover that they’re not the only ones with something hidden, especially when Joseph's well-intentioned son shows up...

Initially titled Lomography
Full Length, in development





TOP 75 SELECTION - Verity Bargate Award (2013)

SELECTED - 33% Festival, Ovalhouse Theatre, London (April 2013)

Hilary and Isobel both have scars. Isobel's are from a car crash. Hilary's are from herself. Nobody else knows this. They're secret. The girls are the centre of a world they've created for them and only them. That is until Jon comes burning through the atmosphere like a comet on a collision course...

Water Wings is about friendship. It's also about grief, guilt, dependency, control, obsession and 90s music. Outrageous and authentic, this bold new play is for everyone but the fainthearted.

Full Length and available for production