The Improvised History of the World, Aug 2014

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WINNER: IdeasTap's Editor's Briefs:
LAID - with Sweetbread
HEART - with The Body But Hides The Heart
HEATWAVE - with The Heat

Two time Literary Death Match Champion

Live Performances

THANK (on privilege) - part of A NIGHT FOR SYRIA at Theatre503, Sept 2015

THANK (on privilege) - part of A NIGHT FOR SYRIA at Theatre503, Sept 2015


In classic Lynn style, all was not as it first appeared
– Joe Hooper, IdeasTap

Isley Lynn's amazing poetry show was as close to a perfect performance as I've seen: open, funny, clever, truthful, moving, touching. Isley is a wonderful writer and a great performer that draws you in rather than shouting at you. Look out for it in the future. 
– David Lockwood, Bike Shed Theatre

It’s adult, it’s very clever, and it will have you splitting your sides
– Jeremy Child

I was hooked
– Gina Sherman, Apples and Snakes

It blew me away
– Emily Williams, Barbican Theatre Plymouth

Very honest and sincere… I feel moved and changed. 
– Monique Luckman, Wide Awake Devon

It is very refreshing to read work which explores love in such a frank and honest way. There are not many people brave enough to do it. 
- Kayo Chingonyi

Some of the most amusing, powerful and intensely personal pieces of work I have ever seen
– Tom Angell, SourDough Theatre

Her stuff is fantastic - moving, arousing, humorous, technically brilliant and achingly honest
– Andrew Bate

Gritty, raw and passionate writing
– TrailBlaze Theatre

Captivating... such honesty and humility, yet a definite confidence. Wicked work. 
– Matthew Cummins

Hilarious, moving
– Carla Lever 

Fantastic, warm, honest and amusing
– Sebastian Constantine

Sharp tongued yet sweetly sincere words from Isley Lynn
- Apples and Snakes