A Royal Welsh
College of Music &
Drama Production
in collaboration
with Paines Plough

'There aren’t many writers who conjure stories the way Isley Lynn can. Her innate instinct for achingly human characters in situations rarely – if ever – seen on stage sets her well apart from most young playwrights. ... The collage of her unique stories are here pared down to moments where well intentioned, liberal people make all sorts of infuriating assumptions about those less fortunate. ... ‘Instead of the cross, the Albatross about my neck was hung.’ We all have our burdens, and us liberal, middle class, cultural elite are quick to try to rescue those that don’t need or want to be saved. Lynn’s characters draw attention to this often ignored albatross that many of us wear, knowingly or not' - Laura Kressly, The Play's The Thing

Photos by Kirsten McTernan